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Thanks to our players, billions of dollars have supported communities and help B.C. grow.

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About Lotto

Nothing captures the public imagination like a lottery. BCLC has been in the lottery business since we first began in 1985 and we have been providing players the chance to fulfil a dream ever since.

Every year, we award more than forty-nine million prizes to people in every corner of B.C. The proceeds from our games are used by the Province to benefit people and communities throughout B.C.

Our games

We offer national games such as LOTTO MAX, Lotto 6/49 and DAILY GRAND, provincial games such as BC 49, Poker Lotto, BC 50/50 and Extra, a full suite of Scratch & Win and Pull Tab games, and our quick play games - Keno and Pacific Hold'Em Poker.

Our retailers

Our products are sold by over 4,000 retailers across the province in convenience stores, larger retail stores, gas bars, lottery kiosks, and hospitality locations such as bars and pubs. We also sell our products on, BCLC's legal online gambling website.

Wherever you go in the province, you can find a lottery retailer near you.

Lottery integrity

Integrity and security are at the core of every game we offer.

Every lottery retailer is registered with our regulator, the Province of B.C.'s Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch. BCLC provides retailer certification, training and oversight.

We also have policies and procedures in place to help protect players and maintain lottery integrity. From the moment you buy a ticket, sign it, and maybe even win and claim your prize, BCLC is here to keep your lottery experience fun, fair and trustworthy.

Protect your play

Players can take a few simple steps to protect their play:

  • Sign your ticket - a lottery retailer can only validate your ticket if it has been signed.
  • If you play in a group, fill out our group release form so that each draw date and its participants are clearly stipulated in advance of every draw.
  • Check your ticket using the Check-A-Ticket terminals available at our retail locations. That way, you'll know whether you're a winner and how much you have won before the retailer validates the ticket.
  • When the retailer checks your ticket watch the Customer Display Monitor to see how much you've won and listen for the winning jingle.
  • You can also request a printout of the winning numbers from the retailer or visit the winning numbers page on our Lotto website.

How lotteries work

We all know how easy it is to play the lottery: pop into any retailer to buy a ticket or visit PlayNow to make your purchase and you're in the game. But there's more to know about lotto including how draws work, odds of winning, what to do if you want to play in a group and, best of all, how to claim your prize.

With so many games and ways to play, visit our Lotto website to find out more.

Our Role

BCLC is owned by the Province of British Columbia, which chose to operate gambling through a Crown to both meet the requirements of the Criminal Code of Canada, and balance the need for revenue generation with a commitment to social responsibility and integrity.

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Casino Security & Compliance

One of the ways we help to give players a positive experience is with our commitment to gambling integrity.

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