We offer the only legal sports betting in B.C. Choose from a wide variety of global sports and competitions. Get in the game with PlayNow Sports online or play at retail with our new retail sportsbook (coming soon).

Our role

BCLC offers adults in B.C. two ways to take part in sports betting: Betting on sports at retail (new sportsbook launching this summer) and PlayNow Sports. They’re the best of both worlds for players who are 19 years or older. 

Although some events and types of bets available are similar to both, they each feature their own unique set of rules and regulations.

Sports betting in retail was previously available through Sports Action. However, as of May 26, 2024, Sports Action was retired to make room for our brand-new retail sports offering, featuring single event betting, improved odds, and same day payouts, which is launching later this summer.

BCLC introduced PlayNow Sports in 2012 to give B.C. sports bettors a more online-style betting experience with more sports, leagues, tournaments and types of bets to choose from. New parlay options, pre-packaged single bets, futures and outrights, bet-back bonuses, eSports and LIVE in-game betting are some of the most significant features, including a different set of betting rules for the sports players can bet on.

Learn more about what's coming next for sports betting at retail and PlayNow Sports.

PlayNow Sports is B.C.’s only legal online sports betting platform—and it’s Canada’s largest.