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BCLC Kicks Off 2019 Kamloops Pride Week with New Rainbow Crosswalk


Kamloops Pride Week 2019 BCLC

BCLC kicked off Kamloops Pride Week 2019 by celebrating a brand new rainbow crosswalk at its Kamloops Head Office. The 30-foot crosswalk is a visual symbol of BCLC’s commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.

“The new rainbow crosswalk demonstrates BCLC’s values of integrity, respect and social responsibility,” said Jim Lightbody, BCLC President and CEO. “This colourful welcome to our Head Office in Kamloops serves as a tangible statement to our people, our players and our communities that we celebrate respect, equality and love.”

Katelyn Boughton, a Pride Committee Member and Senior Technical Analyst at BCLC, helped to bring the rainbow crosswalk to fruition and was one of the first employees to walk across it at today’s celebration.

“The BCLC PRIDE committee's mission is to celebrate BCLC’s diversity, provide educational opportunities for employees, and support our LGBTQ2S+ community,” Boughton said. “This new rainbow crosswalk demonstrates that BCLC is committed to supporting and welcoming diversity and inclusion.”

Nicole Stanchfield, Vice President, Kamloops Pride, joined BCLC to inaugurate the city’s newest rainbow crosswalk and help kick off Pride Week events, including the August 25th Pride Parade, which BCLC has supported since its inception.

“Publicly displayed symbols of diversity and acceptance benefit the entire community of Kamloops by providing a shared understanding of diverse gender identities, expressions and sexual orientations in the LGBTQ2S+ community,” Stanchfield said. “I applaud BCLC for installing this internationally recognized symbol at its front door.”