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BCLC Announces Support for Proposed Kamloops Centre for the Arts


Kamloops Performing Arts

BCLC’s Interim President and CEO Greg Moore is pleased to announce BCLC’s support for the proposed Kamloops Centre for the Arts. As a business that has been operating in downtown Kamloops for nearly 35 years, BCLC believes now is the right time for this important cultural and community infrastructure.

"BCLC is a long-time sponsor of the arts, and whole-heartedly supports robust arts programs and facilities in Kamloops,” says Moore in BCLC’s letter of support to the Kamloops Centre for the Arts Society. “Performance and visual arts and associated amenities significantly contribute to communities, making them more diverse and liveable."

BCLC shares the view of many local businesses that community infrastructure, such as a new performing arts centre, is an important contributor to recruiting top talent and maintaining existing staff. The corporation also believes it will be one of the many users of the facility for events such as larger employee meetings.

BCLC is excited to support this proposal and the potential it represents for the future of the Kamloops community and its business.