Community Benefits

Supporting Sports Across the Province


BCLC tents in the park

BCLC has long been known for its ability to connect people in the name of exceptional entertainment, but that commitment to play extends well beyond lottery, casinos and internet gaming.

BCLC was founded in 1985 with the purpose of giving back to the communities of British Columbia, and supporting sports and recreation has been a big part of that mission. This year marked BCLC’s 35th anniversary and we’re celebrating with a look back at some of our favourite moments.

Sponsoring for the win

Among the many events BCLC has supported over the last nearly four decades are several that B.C. residents still remember fondly. BCLC was one of the main sponsors of the XV Commonwealth Games in Victoria, which drew in more than 2,500 athletes from Commonwealth countries around the world, along with 14,000 volunteers, including Queen Elizabeth II herself, who helped kick off the Games on August 18, 1994.

Of course, few events can match the grandeur and impact of the 2010 Winter Games for which BCLC was an official sponsor. The Games brought the world together, watching as local Canadian athletes competed against some of the best and even breaking the record for most gold medals at a Winter Games, leaving all Canadians with a lifetime of memories. Before the Games, BCLC and the Vancouver Organizing Committee unveiled SportsFunder, a suite of lottery games that gave players the chance to win fun, Olympic-themed prizes, including tickets to many of the Winter events. SportsFunder helped generate revenue for amateur sports and athletes in B.C.

Energizing local events and facilities

For many years, funds from BCLC’s casinos and community gaming centres have contributed to community health and recreation facilities in cities and towns across the province. A portion of the revenue of each casino or gaming centre goes back to the host local government, which allocates the funds according to their needs and priorities. Among them is the annual Giro di Burnaby cycling competition, a thrilling pro-cycling race in which professional cyclists from around the world gather to speed around a 1.14 km closed-loop course. 

Funds generated from gaming have also gone towards the construction, operation and maintenance of well-used facilities such as the Richmond Oval, Juan de Fuca Rec Centre in View Royal, Pomeroy Sports Centre in Fort St. John, and many more.

Sports can add richness to our lives in many ways, and BCLC is honoured to help events, teams and athletes thrive in B.C.’s communities. It’s a way to make sure everyone’s a winner — whether you’re in the game or watching from the edge of your seat.