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BCLC selects pre-qualified proponents for Kamloops head office design build proposals


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BCLC has selected four pre-qualified proponents that will be invited to respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP) for design build proposals for a potential new Head Office building in Kamloops.

The pre-qualified proponents are: Concert Infrastructure, Fengate Development, Gracorp Capital Advisors (on behalf of the Riverside Development Partners), and Morguard Investments (partnering with PCL and MCM).

As part of the RFP, each proponent will be required to submit two proposals for a design build: one where BCLC would own the facility, and one where BCLC would sell the facility and lease it.

The information gathered from this RFP will be used to assess all options, including building a new facility, incorporating part of our existing building in a new facility or reconditioning our existing building.

Following the evaluation of the RFP, BCLC plans to develop a detailed concept plan that will lead to a recommendation to the Province for a long-term building solution in Kamloops. BCLC anticipates it will present a concept plan to the Province in the summer of 2018.

The deadline for the submission of all RFP proposals is February 19, 2018.

BCLC has enjoyed 32 years of success in Kamloops and looks forward to maintaining its head office in the city. The current head office is 53 years old and many of its mechanical, electrical and structural components are original to the building. These components are aging and will ultimately need to be replaced.

BCLC’s head office houses its customer support call center, data centre, information technology and finance functions along with a significant portion of the security, human resources and executive team. BCLC also has a marketing and sales office in Vancouver, which it will continue to maintain.