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$1.4+ Million Wagered by B.C. Bettors on Trump to Win US Election


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B.C. bettors are banking on Donald Trump to win tomorrow’s US election as part of what’s now the single-most popular betting event in PlayNow.com history.

Nearly 3,000 bets totaling more than $1.4 million (or 68 per cent of the wagers) have been placed on Trump heading into Super Tuesday. If he wins, the potential combined payouts to all PlayNow.com players who wagered on Trump to win total more than $3.4 million. Trump’s current odds are 2.35.

Bettors who backed Joe Biden stand to win some huge profits if the Democrats win. The 1,484 bets totaling more than $622,000 (or 29 per cent of the wagers) translate to a combined potential payout of more than $1 million. Biden’s current odds are 1.58.

To date, an estimated 12,000+ bets totaling approximately $3 million have been placed on the US Election in 2020. Other popular bets on the 2020 US election include state betting, electoral college voting and popular vote betting.

The 2016 US Election attracted approximately 7,200 bets on PlayNow.com, totaling more than $737,000.

BCLC was the first jurisdiction in Canada to offer novelty betting on the US Election through PlayNow.com in 2014.

Through PlayNow.com, BCLC offers socially responsible gambling entertainment while generating income to benefit all British Columbians. Remember, play for fun, not to make money. For more information, visit GameSense.com.

*Odds listed are correct at time of posting but are subject to change at any time.