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BCLC Cautions Sports Bettors Against Illegal Gambling Websites

As NFL Season Begins, PlayNow.com Reminds: It’s The Only One That’s Legal and Profits B.C.


With the NFL season kicking off tonight and the NHL season around the corner, BCLC is reminding British Columbians that PlayNow.com is B.C.’s only 100% legal gambling website and the only whose revenue goes back to B.C. to support healthcare, education and community programs.

“British Columbians should know that there are hundreds of gambling websites operating illegally in B.C. and that, unlike PlayNow.com, these illegal websites are not bound to provincial and federal laws and regulations that are in place to protect players,” said Marie-Noëlle Savoie, BCLC’s Chief Compliance Officer and Vice President of Legal, Compliance and Security. “BCLC’s PlayNow.com must meet stringent requirements to support safe and secure online gambling, including those related to technical integrity, age verification and protection of personal information.”

As B.C.’s only legal gambling website, PlayNow.com provides players with a website they can trust, with strong security safeguards and the ability to make seamless deposits and withdrawals using Canadian banks. 

“The NFL and NHL are two of the most popular leagues for sports-bettors in B.C. and we want them to have a positive betting experience heading into the exciting, upcoming seasons,” said Savoie. “For British Columbians who choose to bet on sports, we want them to choose PlayNow.com because it’s the only legal gambling website in B.C. and the only whose profits go back to the province to support things we all rely on, like healthcare, education and community programs.”

In addition to stringent security safeguards, PlayNow.com prioritizes the health of players with supports and resources to make informed decisions about gambling. This includes dedicated specialists known as GameSense Advisors who are available via telephone and online chat to support players in maintaining healthy play habits or refer them to treatment and support if needed. PlayNow.com is the only gambling website in North America and one of the few in the world to offer this service. 

Unlike gambling websites operating illegally in B.C., advertisements for PlayNow.com must also adhere to gambling advertising standards set out by the Province of B.C. and other BCLC requirements designed to support marketing that promotes healthy, positive play behaviours. 

In fiscal year 2021/22, BCLC generated $1.3 billion in net income for the Province of B.C., with PlayNow.com accounting for $293 million. Learn how these funds were distributed to benefit B.C. here

BCLC is part of a coalition of five provincial gaming corporations in Canada calling on the federal government to continue working with provinces and regulators to protect Canadians from misleading advertising and operation of illegal gambling websites within Canada. To learn more, click here.