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BCLC invests $2M to develop gambling research centre


Centre for Gambling Research at the University of British Columbia

BCLC and the Government of B.C. have announced a $2-million investment to develop a major new Centre for Gambling Research at the University of British Columbia to advance understanding of responsible gambling and help reduce problem gambling behaviours.

With complete academic independence from BCLC and the gambling industry, the Centre for Gambling Research will conduct innovative and productive research on the social and behavioral aspects of gambling. The centre will also help to improve responsible gambling programs and reduce the problematic impacts of gambling in B.C., as well as in other regions of Canada and internationally.

“This centre’s research will help us tailor programs and support services to meet the specific needs of British Columbians, while advancing global understanding of this field,” says BCLC President and CEO Michael Graydon. “We are excited to be partnering with UBC’s Department of Psychology, recognized for excellence in Canada and around the world.”

Information on the BC Responsible and Problem Gambling Program is available at More information on BCLC’s commitment to responsible gambling is available in the social responsibility section here.