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BCLC Garners International Recognition for Leadership in Responsible Gambling


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BCLC has received the World Lottery Association’s (WLA) Level 4 re-certification for excellence in responsible gambling programming. This is the third time in a row the corporation has earned certification.

As noted in the WLA’s Independent Assessment Panel (IAP) Evaluation Report: “BCLC has spared no efforts in seeking continued improvements in its RG programs and has the aspiration to be among the leaders in RG development.”

As one of just seven other gambling jurisdictions in North America with Level 4 certification, the IAP commended BCLC specifically for its focus and investment in outcomes-based research and player education.

“Building on this solid base, BCLC has made significant further improvements to its programs and has developed many new initiatives in the past four years. The amount of attention and resources devoted to the research programs is commendable. The shift from an awareness-based to an outcome-based approach and measures have greatly enhanced the effectiveness of the whole RG program. This is a pivotal step taken by BCLC.”

Outcome-based data and measurements are part of BCLC’s revised strategy regarding responsible gambling research and ongoing program improvements. Incorporating the evaluation of data and outcomes for all new initiatives is driving significant improvement in the effectiveness of player programs, namely BCLC’s award-winning GameSense program. In its review, the IAP recognized this approach as the next stage in the evolution of responsible gambling.

Other highlights from the WLA report include praise for BCLC’s commitment to, and accountability regarding, the marketing of responsible gambling, and updated responsible gambling training for employees, described by the IAP as innovative, comprehensive, and well-integrated.

BCLC’s WLA IAP evaluation report can be found here.

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Anne Pattberg, Chair, Independent Assessment Panel, WLA

“Responsible Gambling is clearly embedded into BCLC’s goals, governance and management process, and is a key component of its corporate culture. This integrated and holistic approach is excellent, as are BCLC’s significant, ongoing enhancements to several of the WLA framework program elements. The IAP fully supports the Level 4 recertification and congratulates BCLC on its outstanding contribution to responsible gambling.”

Jim Lightbody, President & CEO, BCLC

“Level 4 recertification is a great achievement and reflects our efforts to support healthy players. BCLC is reframing its player health initiatives and continues to invest in research and champion best practices in order to better connect with our players, enhance understanding of how the games work and keep gambling fun. It’s rewarding to be recognized by the WLA for our efforts to develop outcomes-based research and data in order to continuously improve our programming.”