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#GiftSmart, Gift Responsibly: Lottery Products Great for Adults, Not for Kids


Gift Smart Banner 2019

Vancouver, B.C., December 10, 2019 – With the holiday season in full swing, BCLC is reminding parents and adults that lottery products such as Scratch & Win tickets are a form of gambling, and not suitable gifts for children and minors.

“Gifting lottery products to minors or allowing them to play Scratch & Win tickets may seem harmless, but exposure to gambling at a young age may have unintended consequences,” said Dr. Jamie Wiebe, Director of Player Health for BCLC. “It is important that parents and adults understand the impact associated with underage gambling.”

Research on youth gambling has shown an association between underage gambling and gambling problems in adulthood. Compared to adults, children and teenagers generally lack the judgment to properly assess the risks associated with gambling and understand how gambling works. 

Earlier this month, BCLC kicked off its #GiftSmart campaign to encourage responsible play and gift giving through online, radio and social media outreach, as well as through digital signage at more than 3,500 lottery retailers and all casinos and community gaming centres across the province. BCLC’s campaign is in partnership with the National Council on Problem Gambling.

Year-round, BCLC encourages parents to start a conversation with their children about the risks, but during the holiday season, we’re reminding everyone to make a conscious decision not to give lottery products as gifts to kids and youth.

Additional information is available on about the comprehensive programs in place to help players make informed choices about gambling. BCLC also encourages parents and other adults to access the Resources for Families section, which features tools and resources for parents to start a conversation with kids about gambling.