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8th Annual New Horizons in Responsible Gambling Conference Focuses on Future-Proofing the Industry


New Horizons 2020 Conference

Vancouver, B.C. March 11, 2020 – Hundreds of industry experts, researchers and policy-makers are gathering for BCLC’s eighth-annual New Horizons in Responsible Gambling Conference from March 10-12, 2020 to discuss how best to prevent future harms to players in B.C. and around the world.

New Horizons 2020 kicks-off with a keynote address from Tim Miller, Executive Director of the UK Gambling Commission, titled: Future-proofing through collaboration. The conference features 16 sessions focused on three key topics:

  • Promoting safer play behaviours/decreasing risky play;
  • Reducing harms associated with gambling products and/or environments; and
  •  Developing a culture that prioritizes the wellbeing of consumers.

Joining Miller as the second keynote speaker is Misha Glouberman, Faculty Director, Ivey Academy at Western University’s Ivey Business School. Glouberman, who is also the author of The Chairs are Where the People Go, will teach attendees a new way of collaborating and networking to assist with the key theme of collaboration.

In addition to Miller and Glouberman, an international list of speakers and panelists will lead discussions and learnings including:

  • Dr. Kahlil S. Philander, Washington State University and Dr. Ray Cho, Center for Gambling Studies at Rutgers University: What do we know about geography, community characteristics, and risk?
  • Per Einar Karlsen, Norsk Tipping: Norway’s monopoly on player safety.
  • Judith Glynn, Strategic Science, Dr. Luke Clark, UBC Centre for Gambling Research, Ryan Persaud, BCLC: What exactly are we trying to prevent? A constructive conversation on definition and measurement of risk.
  • Dr. Jamie Wiebe, BCLC, Tim Miller, Per Einar Karlsen, Ryan Persaud and Mike Randall, GLI and Portfolio Solutions: Future-proofing the gambling industry – Where do we go from here?

BCLC will deliver a post-conference summary, with a research agenda, that will help breakdown the key issues and define implementable solutions for the industry.


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