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Appropriate Response Training (ART)

Gambling is a fun and exciting entertainment option. Adults have the right to make their own choice with respect to gambling, and assume responsibility for their choices.

We respect every player's right to privacy and to gamble, but also know it's important for people who work in gambling facilities to know how to respond to players. As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, BCLC requires all gambling facility staff who interact directly with players to successfully complete Appropriate Response Training (ART).

ART is an educational program that prepares BCLC staff and service providers' employees to assist players while taking a proactive stance on responsible gambling. ART is mandatory for all front-line workers, management and security personnel, and is refreshed throughout their employment. Currently, about 14,000 staff have received ART training.

The training is designed to help workers:

  • Learn what responsible gambling means and gain insight into the signs and impacts of problem gambling.
  • Gain knowledge of the resources available to players, families and employees regarding responsible play information.
  • Gain practical experience in effectively communicating with players; from dispelling myths and gambling responsibly to player resource information and problem gambling referrals.

We have also incorporated responsible gambling awareness into our lottery retailer certification training. To date, 28,000 people who sell lottery products have received this training.