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GameSense is here to help keep gambling a safe, fun source of entertainment.

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Understand the key concepts that influence the outcome every time you gamble.

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Stakeholder Engagement

The foundation of Social Responsibility is to build public trust in our organization by listening to the communities and the people we serve, incorporating feedback into our decision-making and communicating our challenges and successes.

Whether or not you gamble, you're one of our stakeholders and your opinions matter about how gambling is conducted in your community and your province.

Based on feedback from our stakeholders, we have continuously improved the player experience by:

  • Launching our Voice of the Customer program, which gathers customer feedback through surveys so that we can continually infuse your needs into our operations;
  • Introducing an improved knowledgebase support tool to assist BCLC when responding to callers in our Customer Support centre;
  • Introducing live customer support on, where customers can instant message online with BCLC in real time;
  • Introducing social media monitoring to ensure we are able to engage with customers where needed;
  • Conducting more research to better integrate the customer perspective into business choices;