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BCLC Releases 2020/21 Financial Performance and Accountability Disclosure

August 27, 2021


Kamloops, B.C. August 27, 2021 — BCLC has released its 2020/21 financial performance in its Annual Service Report, highlighting record-setting revenues from its lottery and eGaming channels. 

BCLC is focused on delivering entertainment in a socially responsible manner to generate revenue for the Province of British Columbia. As outlined in the 2020/21 Mandate Letter, the Province of B.C. uses revenue generated by BCLC to fund the BC First Nations Gaming Revenue Sharing Agreement, public health care, education, charitable community programs, and other provincial and Host Local Government programs and services. 

In 2020/21, BCLC delivered $430 million in net income to the Province of B.C. Innovative, product offerings online and in retail led to a record-setting year for lottery sales and PlayNow.com: the only online gambling site in the province whose profits go back to the Province of B.C. 

Increased activity and player registration on PlayNow.com resulted in a 135 per cent year-over-year total revenue growth to $421.4 million, and lottery revenue achieved a record amount of $544 million.

Full details of BCLC’s financial performance are in the 2020/21 Annual Service Plan Report

BCLC’s 2020/21 Statement of Executive Compensation is also now available on bclc.com as well as the Public Sector Employer’s Council Secretariat website. BCLC annually discloses all compensation provided to the CEO and the next four highest paid executives. 

Since 1985, BCLC has been helping communities grow. Thanks to players in B.C., more than $25 billion generated by gambling activities went back into health care, education and community groups across B.C. Learn more here