Reports & Disclosures

BCLC is committed to being open and transparent about its business. We proactively publish our corporate reports, freedom of information requests, policies and more.

Featured Reports

Service Plan - 2024/25 - 2026/27

Our service plan outlines BCLC’s key strategies and actions for delivering on our strategic priorities, as established by government, and as outlined in our Mandate Letter. 

Winning with Purpose: BCLC's Annual Report - 2022/23

Our annual combined ESG report provides insights into our ESG strategy and actions to address climate change, create a positive social impact and govern in the public interest.


BCLC proactively discloses information and reports about how we operate our business, including our social responsibility efforts, Freedom of Information requests, lottery retailer compliance, and employee engagement results.

Annual reports

Every year we release reports about our financial performance and goals. In this section you'll find our Annual Reports and Service Plans.

Anti-Money Laundering reviews and audits

BCLC is committed to ensuring robust anti-money laundering controls and practices in our gambling and entertainment facilities. Find out more about the various reviews and audits we undertake to prevent and detect criminal activity.

Community impact reports

Thanks to our players, billions of gaming dollars have funded provincial, community and charitable programs in B.C. Find out where gambling proceeds are being invested near you.

Corporate citizenship

BCLC strives to be a positive catalyst socially, environmentally and economically. We report annually on our social responsibility and carbon neutrality efforts.

Expenses and compensation

In this section you’ll find reports on expenses and payments for BCLC’s board members, executive team and some employees, as well as the service providers and vendors we work with.

FOI responses

BCLC endeavours to be open and transparent and makes a number of records publicly available. The proactive release of BCLC’s responses to FOI requests is another way we are making more information available.


Find out about the key policies and procedures we have in place to conduct our business with integrity.

Responsible and problem gambling

This section includes some of our most recent facts and reports on responsible and problem gambling, including B.C. Game Break statistics and research findings.

If you're unable to open the reports or attachments contained on our website, please contact our Customer Support Centre for assistance.