100% Legal

BCLC’s PlayNow.com is British Columbia’s home for safe and secure betting. PlayNow.com is B.C.'s only 100 per cent legal and regulated website, offering players strong security safeguards on the only site whose profits go back to B.C.

PlayNow.com Prioritizes Player Health

PlayNow.com prioritizes player health

BCLC is committed to supporting the wellbeing of players with significant player-health safeguards. PlayNow.com is the only gambling website in North America, and one of the few in the world, that supports players with dedicated player-health specialists – known as GameSense Advisors – via phone and live chat.

GameSense Advisors help by answering gambling-related questions and providing additional support resources and referrals to treatment, if needed.  To learn more, click here.

As a regulated website, PlayNow.com must adhere to the Province's Advertising and Marketing Standards for Gambling in British Columbia. These standards are in place to make sure gambling is represented in a responsible manner in all advertising and marketing. 

BCLC's ambition is to have the healthiest players in the world, with players gambling within their time and money limits. Learn about how BCLC prioritizes player health here.

Playing on PlayNow.com Means Playing for B.C.

Playing on PlayNow.com means playing for B.C.

Unlike the 800+ gambling websites operating illegally in B.C. and Canada, PlayNow.com is the only one whose profits benefit British Columbians through government investments in things like education, healthcare and community programs. This includes funding for the Province’s Community Gaming Grants program, which distributes $140 million annually to not-for-profit organizations, including Parent Advisory Councils and minor hockey associations.

Since 1985, BCLC has delivered more than $26 billion in net income to the Province of B.C. To learn more about where the funds go, click here.

Online Gambling That Players Can Trust

Online gambling that players can trust

BCLC and PlayNow.com are based in B.C., accountable to provincial and federal laws and high standards for technical integrity, age verification, protection of personal information and important anti-money laundering requirements.

PlayNow.com offers players strong security safeguards and the ability to make seamless deposits and withdrawals using major Canadian banks.