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BCLC Media Relations

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Anti-Money Laundering 







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Jackpot Facts

What happens when someone wins? Where are Canada's largest wins? 

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In 2016/17 lottery winners in B.C. won

Where the
Money Goes

In 2016/17 BCLC delivered record net income of $1.3 billion to government, which helps support communities, health care and education.


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Voluntary self-exclusion

BCLC’s Voluntary Self-Exclusion (VSE) program is a resource for people who want to restrict themselves from gambling facilities or

Get Fact Sheet [166kb] in B.C. offers a safe and secure online gambling experience on a state of the art gaming platform.

Where the money goes

We generate over $1 billion every year that supports communities and programs across the province.

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Jackpot Facts

Last year we paid lottery prize winners more than $659.5 million. That's a lot of dough!

Responsible Gambling in B.C.

BCLC’s mission is to conduct and manage gambling on behalf of the Province in a socially responsible manner. We believe that the more people know, the better equipped they are to make healthy decisions about gambling. 

Host Local Government Payments

Each year, local governments that host casinos or community gaming centres receive a share of net gaming income generated by those facilities. 

Community Impact Report 2017/18

An overview of how BCLC proudly serves British Columbians. 

How are Lottery Numbers Drawn?

Here's an introduction to how lottery draws take place! 

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It's not child's play

Gambling and buying lottery tickets is for adults only, and the Province and BCLC have several measures in place to help prevent minors from gambling.

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Thirty-six Gaming Facilities in BC, as well as – RG Check Accredited

Thirty-six facilities across the province have achieved RG Check accreditation. This reinforces our commitment to deliver the best possible programs and services to our players.