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BCLC releases 2018/19 annual report and accountability disclosure reports


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BCLC has released three key reports highlighting its performance in fiscal year 2018/19 in the areas of financial results, service provider commissions and executive compensation.

BCLC’s results demonstrate the organization’s commitment to deliver on its mandate: To offer socially responsible gambling entertainment to generate income for British Columbia. BCLC’s revenue continually assists community growth throughout the province by contributing to the improvement of essential services British Columbians rely on, including health care, education and community organizations.

BCLC achieved $1.415 billion in net income on record revenue of $2.590 billion, an increase over last year of $15.5 and $87.6 million respectively. Full details of BCLC’s financial performance are in the 2018/19 Annual Service Plan Report.

The 2018/19 BCLC Gambling Service Provider Commissions Report details how BCLC calculates commissions paid to casino and bingo service providers and includes the amounts earned by service providers over the past fiscal year. The report also includes information about the new Operational Services Agreement.

BCLC is required to annually disclose all compensation provided to the CEO and the next four highest paid executives. BCLC’s 2018/19 Statement of Executive Compensation is also available on the Public Sector Employer’s Council Secretariat website.

Since 1985, BCLC has been helping communities grow. Thanks to players in B.C., more than $23 billion generated by gambling activities went back into health care, education and community groups across B.C. Learn more here.