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More Than $170 Million in Single-Event Bets Placed on PlayNow.com

August 26, 2022


Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of legalized single-event sports betting, which continues to drive revenue for BCLC’s PlayNow.com: the only legal gambling website in B.C., and the only one whose profits go back to support provincial initiatives like healthcare, education and community programs. 

British Columbians have placed more than $170-million dollars in single-event bets on PlayNow.com since August 27, 2021, when Bill C-218 – the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act – came into effect and enabled BCLC to offer single-event sports bets and bets on racing and fighting.

Overall, sports betting on PlayNow.com has increased 166 per cent since August 27, 2021, with single-event bets counting for more than half of all online sports bets. 

“This is an incredible response, and demonstrates British Columbians enjoy making single-event sports bets on a regulated gambling website,” said Pat Davis, President and CEO, BCLC. “It’s a win-win not only for BCLC, but for all British Columbians, as we continue to pride ourselves on providing safe, entertaining sports-betting options that generate revenue to fund important provincial initiatives.”

Among the sports that have seen the biggest increases in player activity, NBA betting has increased 268 per cent year-over-year in terms of money wagered. NHL betting is up 220 per cent, and the NFL has jumped by 131 per cent. 

Additionally, the new offering of MMA and UFC bets has been a key highlight for PlayNow.com, with more than 81,000 bets placed on fighting since last August. 

Did you know? PlayNow.com is the only 100% legal online gambling website permitted in B.C., and the only one whose profits go back to the province to support healthcare, education and community programs.

Players can set weekly deposit and playing time limits to keep their play a fun experience, and connect with dedicated player-health specialists known as GameSense Advisors who can help answer gambling-related questions and provide additional supports, if needed. 

BCLC continues to explore additional opportunities to provide players with single-event sports betting in British Columbia.