More Relaxation for Victoria Retiree After Winning $500,000

June 29, 2023


Charles “Vince” Martin says he will be enjoying a little more rest and recreation after winning the $500,000 Extra prize from the June 10, 2023 Lotto 6/49 draw.

The Victoria resident was picking up groceries when he decided to check his $10 Big Jackpot Pack tickets at a self-scanner. When one ticket turned out to be a winner, he was shocked.

“I had to stare at it for a few moments to let it sink in,” recalled Martin. “Then I had the girl at the booth validate it to confirm it was real.”

The first person to learn Martin was going to be $500,000 richer was his wife, who he says was stunned into silence.

“It didn’t register and she thought I was messing with her at first.”

As a retiree, Martin likes to spend his time reading and travelling around the Olympic Peninsula – and he’s always dreamt of being able to help his children, renovate the house and do more exploring. He plans to celebrate his win by hosting a nice dinner.

“It's going to be more comfortable as far as being relaxed and not having to worry about the little things,” said Martin.

On how it feels to win the lottery?

“It’s a terrific feeling and I haven’t slept properly since!”

Martin purchased the winning ticket at the Rexall in Victoria on Admirals Road. 

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