Fishing Lodge Owner Reels in His Biggest Catch Yet: a $317K Lotto Max Prize

August 03, 2023


Walter Turner’s mouth dropped to the floor upon realizing he matched 6/7+ numbers from the Lotto Max draw on July 21, 2023, netting him exactly $317,035.90.

Turner, owner of Moosehorn, a fishing and camping lodge in SouthBank, says it’s often difficult to “get away” as owner and operator of a lodge on the lake, and dreams of financial freedom when he plays the lottery. 

The Southbank resident purchased his ticket from the RX Drug Mart in Burns Lake and was at home eating breakfast with his family when he checked his ticket.

“I scanned the ticket and it caught me off guard,” he recalled. “My mouth dropped open and my grandson noticed something was wrong. My wife noticed the screen and started to swear.”

During that time, Turner’s wife and grandson happened to be video chatting with Turner’s daughter so naturally, they shared the news with her as well.

“My daughter was amazed,” Turner exclaimed.

Turner looks forward to being able to help out his family and alleviate any stresses, thanks to his prize.

“I’m happy and relieved. All of my plans are coming true. This means a lot,” he said.