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City of Victoria

BCLC has identified a marketplace opportunity for an additional gaming facility in Greater Victoria that would complement the Elements Casino Victoria (formerly the View Royal Casino). In 2015, we launched an Expression of Interest process to determine interest among six local governments in the region.

Through that process, BCLC selected the City of Victoria as its preferred host local government for a potential gambling facility. BCLC made this decision as part of a rigorous assessment process, overseen by a third-party fairness monitor, and based on a variety of factors, including population distribution, tourism considerations, transportation access, distance to existing facilities in the region, zoning requirements and timelines.

Potential locations within Victoria, as well as facility size and scope details, will be determined once BCLC selects a service provider to operate a potential facility on our behalf. BCLC has pre-qualified four potential service providers to respond to a Request for Proposals (RFP) process, which will commence in winter 2018/19. As part of this process, BCLC will request that pre-qualified proponents submit a casino proposal that demonstrates their commitment to responsible gambling and social responsibility.

As required by the Gaming Control Act, the City of Victoria must seek and consider community input prior to approving a potential gaming facility proposal from BCLC. BCLC respects the authority of local governments to choose whether they want a gaming facility in their community.

Watch this space for more information about BCLC’s plans, including opportunities to provide feedback and ask questions.