Our Ambition

Our ambition is to have the healthiest players in the world.

We want players to gamble within their time and money limits. And we want those who exhibit high-risk behaviours to reduce their time and money spent or stop gambling altogether. We’re delivering a higher standard of care and support by offering evidence-based programs that encourage healthy play and improve the safety of our products, environments and service for our players.

What is player health?

For years, BCLC has taken care of its players by offering the information and tools needed to make informed decisions about gambling. This is the core of responsible gambling and it’s a vital piece in assisting players.

Communicating healthy play information is critical, but we have a responsibility to do more to reduce the potential for harm. BCLC understands that the sustainability of our business is directly linked to the well-being of our players. That’s why we’ve shifted our focus from responsible gambling to player health, which places the well-being of every single player at the centre of our business practices. With this in mind, we’ll tackle core issues with new and innovative strategies that support those who struggle with gambling, and find ways to keep players well informed and safe.

Because player health means taking care of players—not just today, but every day.

Our commitments

Our player health ambition is structured around four key commitments that help encourage healthy play. Each one also allows us to create products, environments and services that are safe for players.

1. Informed decisions

Ensuring players have the information needed to make healthy decisions about their gambling.

2. Positive play

Providing enhanced tools to help players adopt safer behaviours.

3. Referral and support

Training employees to provide knowledgeable and sensitive support to players who show signs of a problem.

4. Safer products and environments

Always seeking ways to improve products, environments and marketing so it’s simpler for players to keep within their limits.

Looking ahead

BCLC has a history of responsible gambling initiatives and a tradition of leadership in the industry. We’ll leverage the foundation we’ve already built to continually improve programs, develop new measures to inform and influence safer play, and establish higher standards to be an exemplary gambling jurisdiction with the healthiest players in the world.

Everyone at BCLC shares a collective responsibility to make gambling safer for our players. By integrating the player health ambition into every aspect of our business, we’ll find ways to reduce the risk of gambling and maintain the healthiest players in the world.