“My Heart Skipped a Beat”: Coldstream Residents Score $675K Set for Life Prize

May 15, 2023


James Arthur’s eyes did an extra take after looking at a Set for Life ticket that he bought with his wife and realizing it landed them the game’s top prize of $675,000. 

“My heart skipped a beat,” James recalled of the exciting moment he scratched the ticket, revealing the win.

The Coldstream couple purchased the ticket from Kirby’s Kiosk located inside of the Polson Place Mall on Highway 6 in Vernon and James was at home when he discovered they won.

“I was sitting at my desk scratching the ticket and was leaving a voicemail message for my wife. I noticed in game five I had three cash prizes and I had to check it again,” he said.

After sharing the news with his wife, Laurie Arthur, the two of them shared the news with their son.

“He didn’t believe us,” said Laurie. “We asked him to come over right away and I think he thought perhaps someone had passed away… but once we made it clear we won the lottery he was so happy for us!”

The Arthurs celebrated their windfall over a nice dinner out and plan to use their win to travel, in addition to sharing some with their son. 

“It feels wonderful to win,” added Laurie.

In 2022, B.C. lottery players redeemed more than $11 million in Set for Life prizes. 

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