Sponsorship Application

Our criteria

Please read the following criteria carefully, as applications must meet the requirements to be considered:

  • Opportunities must be aligned to an entertainment focus, this includes sports, arts, and culture. 
  • Event must be consistent with BCLC's Social Purpose, support BCLC as a strong community partner and portray a positive image.
  • Community-level requests must be a significant festival or event.
  • The event must be primarily targeted at and benefit adults 19 years of age or older.
  • The event must be accessible to the general public and directed toward the community at large.
  • Priority will be given to events in communities where BCLC has a gaming facility
  • The event must clearly articulate and quantify all rights and benefits provided to BCLC, and where applicable provide: paid media campaign blocking charts, details on planned public relations and/or marketing activity and estimated value.
  • The event must provide a complete list of sponsorship categories, details, opportunities and fees as well as a list of already confirmed sponsors or participants.
  • The event should detail opportunities for BCLC employee volunteering and/or hosting opportunities.
  • The event should detail how it will attract local media and if possible, provide the estimated number of media impressions.

We cannot consider requests for:

  • Organizations, projects, events or activities that primarily benefit and are focused on people under 19 years of age.
  • Events or activities contentious in any way or that may be deemed unacceptable to the community at large.
  • Individual or personal needs.
  • Religious organizations.
  • Political organizations and candidates.
  • Operational funding or budget deficits.
  • Capital funds for projects or equipment.
  • Charitable donations or grants. Please visit the Government of B.C. website for details on the Province’s Community Gaming Grant Program for not-for-profit organizations. 
  • Organizations that direct BCLC sponsorship to organizations or events outside of British Columbia.
  • Individual athletes, or registration fees.

Review process and timelines

As of November 2021, BCLC reviews sponsorship proposals quarterly in January, April, July and October. We do not review proposals outside of these times. An email response detailing our decision will be sent following our quarterly review.

Please ensure that you apply with enough lead time to have your opportunity thoroughly considered. We suggest a minimum of two months lead time from the ‘response by’ date to your event. For events of a larger scale, three – six months lead time is recommended. 

Submission Deadline
Review Period
Response by
December 31


January 31

March 31


April 30

June 30


July 31

September 30


October 31

Please note: BCLC is unable to provide sponsorship support for requests inconsistent with our corporate policy, however, meeting the criteria listed above, does not in itself guarantee approval.